Education & political background

-MBA Master Degree, graduated from International Open University 

of Asia in Australia; national professional technical senior economist.

-Party member of Republic of China

Occupational History

-Since 1979, served as deputy chief, section chief & vice director of rolling steel of supply and marketing department in a large state-owned enterprises in Fujian.

-Being General Manager(Legal Representative) of a large state-owned enterprises in Fujian.

-Served as share of more than 10 participations, holding, director of sole proprietorship company, vice chairman and chairman, etc.

- Since Nov.,2016, beginning main management constitutor in Meic.

Major Performance

-During his twenty-year term as leader in a large state-owned enterprises in Fujian, the unit’s brilliant achievement lasted and maintained the reward of "large taxpayer ". His other participating share, holding, sole proprietorship companies are all sustaining profitable business in twenty years.